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Product details

Dominator® EFI Vehicle Management Systems are intended for non-emissions street and racing engine applications. In addition to the transmission control, drive by wire, and dual wideband oxygen sensor options, Dominator® systems have nearly unlimited capabilities to control any power adder, input, or output you can throw at them. Need to run a turbocharged, nitrous injected 8 cylinder running water-methanol injection? No problem with Dominator® EFI. How about control a 4L60E transmission as well as the fuel and spark on your street rod? No problem. There are also enough inputs and outputs to allow the Dominator® VMSs to serve as their own data acquisition and control module. The Dominator® VMS will eliminate the need for additional controllers as they are all contained in this one unit. The only thing limiting the Dominator® Vehicle Management System is your imagination!


  • Plug and play for both fuel and oil pressure inputs with Holley EFI systems (Terminator systems monitor fuel pressure only).
  • Works with 4, 6, 8, and 10 cylinder engines.
  • Ignition Plug and Play with GM LS engines (non-VVT), GM HEI, Ford TFI, Coyote (non-VVT), 4.6/5.4 Mod Motor, Late Model HEMI and magnetic and hall effect trigger. Custom settings can be configured for use with many other applications.
  • Integrated electronic transmission control - Operates GM 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions, Ford AODE and 4R70W, with more to come.
  • Integrated drive-by-wire throttle body control - Can control two drive-by-wire throttle bodies. Compatible with GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Nissan DBW throttle bodies.
  • Integrated dual channel wide band oxygen sensor controls – Compatible with NTK or Bosch sensors for monitoring both engine banks.
  • Extensive inputs and outputs for limitless combination of options, allowing the unit to be used as a complete data acquisition system.
  • Twelve sequentially driven 8:2 peak and hold injector drivers, capable of driving up to 24 low or high impedance injectors. Supports multiple staged injector strategies.
  • Twelve channel Distributorless Ignition (DIS) outputs capable of directly driving “Smart” ignition coils or Holley DIS coils.
  • Fueling strategies include speed density, Alpha-N, Alpha-N Combination, and VE.
  • Advanced idle, closed loop, and enrichment strategies for stable engine operation.
  • Supports 1-7 Bar MAP sensor for naturally aspirated or boosted applications.
  • Self-tuning fuel table strategy simplifies tuning, enhancing performance as you drive.
  • Configurable User Password Protection to secure your tune settings.
  • Three Rev Limiters and Traction Control configurable via timing, nitrous percentage, or boost.
  • Hardware includes a fully potted ECU, sealed connectors, and optional digital displays like a 7" Digital Dash or 12.3" Pro Dash.
  • Data Visualization Tools feature a sophisticated Data Logger, Strip Chart for real-time data viewing, and fully Configurable Laptop Gauge Panel.
  • 8 Stage Nitrous Oxide Control configurable for Wet or Dry setups with progressive control options.
  • Integrated Water/Methanol Injection Control calibrated for precise tuning with Holley water/meth solenoids.
  • Turbocharger Boost Control features include Boost Builder for pre-launch boost accumulation and anti-lag functions.
  • Input and Output flexibility with Pin Mapping strategy for optimal configuration of cooling fans, fuel pumps, AC inputs, and more.

The new standard in EFI with virtually unlimited capabilities! Integrated electronic transmission control, drive by wire throttle control, dual wideband oxygen sensor capability, extensive amount of inputs and outputs for various combinations, and much more.