Holley Gm Ls Swap Oil Pan - Most Front Clearance


Product details

Holley Engineering has taken its LS Swap oil pans to the next level! The 302-3 design has even more sump clearance, includes two 1/2-inch NPT oil return bosses, and can clear a 4.00-inch stroke crankshaft. Just like the 302-2, the newly designed 302-3 will fit the 1955-1987 GM Muscle Cars and Trucks that need a little more clearance in the front of the oil pan. However, the new design will also fit the Ford Fox body Factory K-member and was designed to clear the Fox Body rack and pinion too. It's a win-win for more LS conversions.


  • Designed for LS engine retrofit installations in GM muscle/classic car and truck chassis requiring more oil pan to chassis clearance around the front half of the oil pan.
  • Profile of the sump has been revised to provide extra chassis and steering rack clearance.
  • Perfect for: 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird, 1968-1974 Nova/Apollo/Ventura/Omega, 1982-1992 F-body, 1978-1987 G-body, and 1964-1972 A-body applications. Also 1979-2004 Mustang and 1979-1986 Capri Fox bodies.
  • NOTE – Oil pan #302-3 will clear a 4.00-inch stroke crankshaft.
  • Includes two 1/2-inch NPT oil return ports to provide a convenient oil return for turbochargers (one port on each side).
  • Can be used with Earls oil cooler adaptor LS0012ERL and LS0013ERL, or Earls oil cooler block off plate LS0020ERL with 1/8-inch NPT port.
  • Provides OE Style fitment - OE oil filter mounting, OE oil cooler port provision, OE engine NVH suppression, OE flange gasket and sealing, proper structural rigidity, and OE bell-housing attachments.
  • Traditional high-quality cast aluminum appearance with clean exterior styling.
  • Provides maximum clearance for vehicles where the steering linkage is behind the engine cross member.
  • Complete kit includes sump baffle, OE style pick-up tube, sump plug, oil filter stud, oil passage cover, etc.

Fits LS Swapped GM Muscle Car/Classic Car/Trucks and any LS Swapped Vehicles Requiring Even More Clearance than the 302-1 and 302-2 Provide.