Nitrous Outlet

LS9 Supercharger Blower Plate System

Bottle Size

Product details

  • Flow Up To 380 HP
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Fits Between Lid and Blower
  • All Hardware, Electrical, Gaskets, Brackets, and Jetting Included
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • Includes Jetting For 100-150-200-250-300 HP

Blower Spacer:
This CNC machined billet aluminum plate is installed between the blower lid and the blower. Inlet fittings for nitrous and fuel are easily accessed from the front of the supercharger without making any modifications to the supercharger or cowl. This plate come out of the box ready to spray 300HP, but can spray 380HP with additional jetting.

Controlled Discharge:
This plates design allows for a more controlled discharge for better cylinder to cylinder distribution, and precision atomization. Rather than traveling all the way through the supercharger like a throttle body style plate this blower spacer has discharges the nitrous directly into each cylinder after the intercooler.

Easy Installation:
Nitrous Outlet has been machining superchargers for spray bars for years, but it always required that the entire blower be removed from the vehicle and sent to us for machine work. The Nitrous Outlet Blower Spacer plate install only requires the blower lid be removed so that the spacer plate can be installed underneath. This system will come with spacers for the K member and will need to be installed prior to plate installation for proper clearance.

Complete System:
This package includes the CNC machined blower spray bar spacer plate with solenoids, brackets, main feed line, hard-lines, wiring, hardware, and everything else needed for installation.

The Nitrous Outlet LS9 is specifically designed to fit late model Corvette LS9 engines outfitted with a supercharger.