Turbo-Guard SF Basic Colors

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Inlet Size
Silicone Color

Product details

This ONE piece design is unequivocally the best and safest choice if you use a screen filter or have limited space for a cone filter. Installation and removal are quick and easy. Unlike counterfeit products, this screen is molded into premium silicone all the way under the clamp, ensuring greater strength and preventing the screen from being sucked in.

*This standard screen is incompatible with the S400 series turbos or ANY Superchargers because the impeller shaft is positioned too close to the end of the snout, which causes the screen to rub against it and potentially create a hole when it flexes. Additionally, some superchargers lack a 1" lip for clamping purposes. These reasons make the Turbo-Guard Ultra, SF+, or the Maxx the only option for S400 standard covers and superchargers.