Nitrous Outlet

X-Series GM EFI Single Nozzle System


Product details

  • Flow 175 HP Out The Box but Capable of 200 HP
  • Fits all LSX vehicles
  • 1/16" Wet Nitrous Nozzle
  • 10lb Nitrous Bottle
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • All hardware, Electrical, and Jetting Included
  • Includes jetting for 35-50-75-100-150-200 HP

X-Series. X-Series systems are designed for racers on a budget. Made from the same high quality parts and materials as other Nitrous Outlet systems, X-series systems feature a 1/16th nozzle and smaller solenoids than traditional Nitrous Outlet systems. X-Series systems can flow 200HP out of the box

Single Nozzle. This system includes everything needed to install a wet single nozzle system capable of flowing 200 HP of nitrous. 10lb nitrous bottle, solenoids, hoses, wiring, hardware and jetting for up to 200HP included.

Wide Open Throttle Activation. This system includes a wide open throttle (WOT) switch that only allows the system to be activated when the motor is at full throttle. This safety feature will help in preventing engine damage and lean spikes.

Application. This system is compatible with all LSX/LTX equipped vehicles.