Nitrous Outlet

X-Series Wet Dual Stage Conversion


Product details

  • Single to Dual Stage Conversion
  • Simple, Clean Install
  • 200 HP Solenoids
  • E85 Compatible With Different Jetting
  • Includes Jetting For 35-50-75-100-150-200HP

X-Series systems are made from the same high quality parts and materials as Nitrous Outlet systems, but feature slightly smaller solenoids that are capable of flowing up to 200 HP. All Nitrous Outlet parts and accessories are compatible with X-Series systems.

This kit includes all components necessary to add a 2nd stage to your current nitrous system. Comes complete with 200 HP nitrous and fuel solenoids, 200 HP 1/16 NPT nozzle, nozzle adapter, solenoid brackets, hoses, electrical, hardware, and jetting from 35-200 HP.

*Note: This is not a complete system and is designed to be used in conjunction with another complete system. Nitrous and fuel is supplied by using tee fittings in your current feed lines.*